Encouraging Altruism in Teens

Encouraging Altruism in Teens

Our goal is to not only help others, but to also show teens that selflessly supporting others is important and rewarding both emotionally and intellectually. We are focussed on combatting a selfish mindset to better our school campus environment and our society as a whole.

Our Work

2019-2020 (as of now)

* E.A.T. puts on Holiday Gift Basket Fundraiser and raises nearly $500 for future events

*E.A.T. returns to Holiday Hope to provide crafting activies to children in need who came with their families to celebrate Christmas

*E.A.T. hosts on-campus campaigns: Altruism Week, Social Stats Week, It Starts with You

*Weekly donut fundraisers twice weekly until January

*To be Thrify vintage and used clothing sale:

          E.A.T. collects unwanted pieces from Skyview's clothing donations and hosts clothing drive to sell the pieces on campus over the weekend as a vintage sale. Meant to raise money for HEROforKidsFoundation and Skyview school. We marketed on instagram: @tobethrifty, as well as on campus with videos and fliers. $150 raised and given to help children in Orange who need it most.

*Monthly feedings continue at Southwest Community Center


*donut sales increase to twice every week

*partnership with local storefronts for fundraising events (Blaze Pizza and Cha for Tea)

*Holiday Gift Baskets Fundraiser:

          E.A.T. designs and fills gift baskets with handmade candies and fudge. Sold to local families for $20 each. Approximately 40 baskets sold for a total profit of $750

*roughly $2,150 raised throughout the school year

*continue hosting on-campus campaigns:

          Fall: Altruism Week (posters, videos, and stickers)

          Winter: It Starts With You (decorative posters, videos, and "be the change" stickers)

          Social Stats Week (informational videos, posters hung around campus with statistics of the homeless population's size, trends, mental heath, etc.)

          Spring: DO MORE (wristbands, decorative posters, videos, poster signing to pledge to DO MORE of what's right)

*On Holiday Hope event committee in December 2018 40 homeless families enjoy holiday dinner, gift exchange, craft station, music, and photos with Santa. E.A.T. fully provides and organizes the crafting station.

*Summer Carnival at Skyview School for homeless and at-risk youth:

           E.A.T. completely plans, funds, and runs a summer carnival with booths, games, prizes, balloons, and concessions. 35 Skyview students attend and enjoy all available, bond with our members, and even partake in an improptu water balloon fight.

*Monthly feedings continue at Southwest Community Center. We serve 1,110 hot meals

*approximately 980 total hours volunteering

*E.A.T. Receives Orange County's 2019 Spirit of Volunteerism award and two seats to a congratulatory luncheon at Disneyland Hotel


*E.A.T. is recognized through CdMHS as an official leadership program

*Weekly donut fundraisers on campus. Raise approximately $1,200 overall.

*begin hosting on-campus campaigns:

           Fall: Domestic Violence Awareness Week (wristbands, posters, all varsity football players wear purple socks at the homecoming game to raise awareness)                   Spring: It Starts with You (videos on school broadcasting, stickers, posters)

*December of 2017 we use fundraised money to create 35 gift/hygienic bags and distribute them to people on the street

*April 2018 we work with Sharefest to restore and paint 4 cement handball walls at an underpriveleged elementary school in Los Angeles. We provided all supplies and corresponded with the school to bring their vision to life.

*900 hot meals, 600 lunch sacs prepared and served throughout the year

*approximately 720 total hours volunteering


*E.A.T. is founded as a club at Corona del Mar High School.

*Just over $500 in donations are secured from local grocery stores, used for making and distributing 700 lunch bags to the homeless

*Clothing drive in the community collects 15 boxes of clothes, which are given to 70 people in need

*E.A.T. forms relationship with First Presbyterian Church Orange,CA and begins holding monthly feedings through their facility. We prepare and serve approximately 600 hot meals.

*E.A.T. forms relationship with BJ's restaurant Balboa Island. We receive a generous food donation for one of our feedings

*approxmately 460 total hours volunteering 


Official 2019-2020 Leaders and Members in Good Standing


Jaycie Carter

Vice President:

Tori Gyselaar


Ben Berzon


Sean Nichols

Department Leaders (in no particular order):

Chloe Taylor

Charlie Mannon

Nadia Cofer

Tessa Borisy

Department Members (in no particular order):

Bella Trachtman

Miles Greenberg

Jake Wagoner

Trasara Alexander

Makena Tomlinson

Morgan Savage

Alex Venanzi

Chris Burri

Jordan Davis