Encouraging Altruism in Teens

Encouraging Altruism in Teens

E.A.T. is a student run, student founded leadership program that works to show teens that helping others and working to make change is rewarding and uniting. I started E.A.T. as a club, and initially our mission statement was solely to feed the homeless and “eat” was merely a pun. As time went on, I realized how much I personally was gaining from the experience and worked to expand it. We have held campaigns on campus to help raise awareness for domestic violence and homelessness, run food and clothing drives, fundraised nearly $2,500, served over 3,200 hot meals, given out over 1,000 hot lunches, provided 30 backpacks full of hygienic products to people living on the street, and strive every day to spread a message of selflessness through helping others.  After being accepted officially as a leadership program,  we continued these same strides to help the homeless population in our community, but have also been working to spread the word of selflessness and giving back to all kinds of people here on campus. I would love to invite some new members to our team, who care about others and work well with people, to help and expand our program and do more campaigns this coming school year. This is something I have really grown to care about, and it means a lot more than just getting hours or something to put on college applications. I care deeply about making human connections and making change, and I want CDM to reflect these ambitions strongly together.

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Jaycie Carter

President of E.A.T.

Application Instructions

For CdM students entering grades 9-12,

Please answer the following questions. Turn in your answers to our email address club.eat.cdmhs@gmail.com.  Please make a note on your application that you have read and agree to the Member Agreement below. Thank you for applying. Please check your email within 72 hours of submission for an update.

-Encouraging Altruism in Teens

Name (Last, First):


Parent Email:

Current grade level:


Please list your volunteering experience.

Why do you think encouraging altruism in our generation is important for our future?

What is something that makes you stand out?

What are skills that you have that can contribute to the group? Do you have a creative outlet that could be helpful to our work? (filming/editing, drawing, design, etc.)

Please present an idea or input for a future project or campaign. Is there a project you would like to produce or an aspect you would like to add to a campaign?

Why do you think you will be a good fit for Encouraging Altruism in Teens?

What is an issue in society that you believe deserves more attention? What needs to be done?

The following link is the Member Agreement. Please read and note on your application that you understand and agree to these terms.

Member Agreement

To aspiring members and families of Encouraging Altruism in Teens:

Thank you for your interest in our program! We are so excited to meet this season’s applicants. We would like to make sure that all students and families are aware of the commitment they are making before interviews are held. Please read the following:

E.A.T. meets once weekly, Friday at lunch, where all members must attend or notify an officer when a conflict arises.

Each member must be on committee for at least one week-long campaign. (Requires 0-1.5 hours outside of school depending on the job the student agrees to)

Each campaign team must raise the amount of money it costs to put on their campaign.(Requires 0-4hours outside of school depending on what fundraiser the group designed)

Members need to attend two off campus events every semester, bonding excluded. We have several opportunities each semester, and many are as short as 1.5 hours. These include hands on events like feeding the homeless and working with underprivileged children.

The more members participate, the higher their chance of receiving the Member of the Year Award, posted on our website and Instagram, as points for achievement and effort are given and recorded through both semesters.

We request a payment of $20 to cover the price of the student’s E.A.T. member t-shirt, and an additional suggested donation of $30.

Applying to Encouraging Altruism in Teens means that, if accepted, the student has agreed to leadership exclusivity and will not apply to PAL, HRC, AYS, NHS, or ASB. No other clubs or extracurriculars apply. CdM has a rule against students being in more than one official leadership program.

Thank you everyone! We’ll be in touch through email.

Please note in your application: I agree to this commitment of time and exclusivity, and by submitting my application I am ready to accept my position as a member of Encouraging Altruism in Teens…